Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Paul M. Gozzo Explains: Why I Became a Mentor

Why I became a mentor: Paul M. Gozzo

It took me over a decade to realize just how enormous the hole that was left in my life after my father passed. When I finally came to grips with it, I became thankful for all the time I did have with my Dad. Then I wondered, what is it like for a kid who never really has had a Dad? If I had a hole left in my heart when my father passed, what does that young man have in his heart, the kid who never actually had a Dad around?

I then began to think about how I could reach out and help fatherless kids. Before I became a mentor, I had always thought that a mentor was someone that you looked up to. Someone that the mentee picked and it was usually reserved for an older person in the same field, like the same sport, or the same instrument. And while this may be true, I later learned there is plenty of need for mentors in life and the key to being a good mentor is just by first being there, then simply by being real and leading by example.

Spending time with a kid is about consistency and honesty, not always preaching and teaching. They are watching you and learning from you. Simply by you being present is often a big help and for the kid without his Dad around, that kid is in void of the many valuable learning experiences that boys receive from their old man. It is natural and you will know, if you serve as a volunteer with the youth, when a kid is drawn to you. He will seek you out and want to hang out with you. Then it is on and it is up to you to be consistent, real, and therefore honest through your actions.

Sure, you can draw from the mistakes you have made in life and “teach” that child. But really, words are words and talk is cheap. By example is the way to go. For example, when that kid sees you go out of your way to open the door for a female, or pick-up after yourself when you are through with a meal, he is seeing and learning live, in real time. Talking or preaching about mistakes is not as affective.
Getting to the point that you can influence young kids positively as a mentor takes time. You must be consistent and show up at the events that you sign up for. You must take time to listen and not always offer advice. You must simply be yourself and they will eventually be drawn to you as a friend/mentor and you will know it is time to lead by example when that kid begins to seek you out. But you are not his friend, you his mentor, and one that leads by example. You can share that you do not have all the answers, but you do have experience. And you will find that most of the time, simply being present and listening is enough to have a breakthrough.

I encourage those who read this and have an inclination, to seek out ways you can become a mentor in your community. You can find the time. You absolutely can find the time. We are all “busy”, so you are not alone there.  If you had a great relationship with your father, or if you had none at all, you might be able to help the next generation and in doing so, you may just help yourself in the process. Good luck!

Paul M. Gozzo Real Estate Press Release June 2013

Paul M. Gozzo of Jupiter, Florida has been investing in real estate since graduated from Amherst College in 1998. Transitioning from the equity trading desk to equity research and most recently to real estate research with a focus on distressed acquisitions was a logical move for Paul Gozzo. “My interest in residential and commercial real estate began as a kid when I followed my father around to his various real estate projects.”

Paul M. Gozzo spends his weeks split mostly between South Florida, greater Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida as well as other areas of the Southeastern United States where he analyzes various projects for his diversified group on individual and institutional clients. Research experience in both the financial and real estate markets gives Paul Gozzo a different background than most other analysts in the real estate space who tend to start out and stick with the  one discipline. But Paul M. Gozzo feels his real niche is in having buy-side experience. He says, “having invested myself, I understand what my client’s wants and needs are as well as what their tolerance for pain may be. When you have actually pulled the trigger yourself and lived through those emotions, it gives you a much different seat at the table as an analyst.”

When not one the road or in the office, Paul M. Gozzo enjoys all of the splendors of living in South Florida including fishing and golfing as well as serving the community. Paul Gozzo donates his time monthly to helping to keep local beaches clean with The Friends of Jupiter Beach and when possible, he serves at St. Georges Soup Kitchen in Riviera Beach, Florida where he helps to prepare and serve a hot meal to over 200 people in need.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Paul M. Gozzo Press Release

Mr. Paul M. Gozzo of Jupiter, Florida has been named the new Chief Marketing Officer at Lax Waxadding to his existing role as Director of Sales. A former lacrosse player at Paul M. Gozzo quickly discovered that Lax Wax was the best option for improving his game. He says "I apply Lax Wax to the pocket of my sticks in order to protect them from the elements. Lax Wax, without a doubt, gives me better ball control and elongates the life of my stick!"
Now that Paul M. Gozzo lives in Florida, he can be found spending as much time as possible being active outdoors enjoying the tropical weather that South Florida has to offer. Although he enjoys warm weather activities like fishing and golfing, he can still be found playing indoor ice hockey at least once a week as well as lending a helping hand to others through serving the community.
Lax Wax was developed by actual lacrosse players to create the best wax for lacrosse sticks. Lax Wax uses a twist up applicator to easily distribute wax to the pockets, sidewalls, and shooters of lacrosse sticks. Lax Wax makes it easier to control the ball, and increases release velocity.
Since joining Lax Wax in March, Paul M. Gozzo has been instrumental in adding relationships with retail lacrosse stores throughout the United States bringing the total number of retail stores currently selling Lax Wax to over 50, well on the way to the company goal of 100 in 2013. Recently, Paul assisted in negotiating a promotional deal with the Boston Cannons professional lacrosse team. Gozzo is looking forward to adding other positive marketing relationships moving forward as well as establishing a presence at select lacrosse camps and tournaments this summer.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Urban Youth Impact Back to School Bash

It was fun helping to give away school supplies to hundreds of kids getting ready for school. Just look at the smiling happy faces! Oh, and we had some fun too...
Thank you to Urban Youth Impact for allowing me to help you serve the community.
Paul Gozzo

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stand Down House

Thank you all who came out Saturday to help serve at the first Annual Stand Down House Event!
I will update this blog when we have all the statistics relative to the event, but what I (Paul Gozzo) can report now is that Dr. Casi Crockett and her crew did a great job as we had a lot of Veterans and their families come out and get some assistance in a number of different areas.
The smiling faces from June 4th 2011 will forever be etched in my memory.
BTW, there are many ways to help serve our soldiers and if you look into your local community or even just keep an ear open to the opportunity, you can find a way to say thanks through your actions. For example, I just read online this morning about a group in Oregon that created a day long event with some great food and fishing on Henry Hagg Lake called, "Take a Soldier Fishing". Over 100 Veterans were served through that event as a way of a local community saying, "Thank You".

Friday, June 3, 2011

Faith, Hop, Love, Charity, Inc. Stand Down House

I am looking forward to tomorrow's 1st Annual Stand Down House Event in Riviera Beach!4
Please come join me at The Dan Calloway "Tate" Recreational Complex from 10am-4pm. 1420 W. 10th Street, Riviera Beach, FL 33404.
I will be running, "The Kids Zone", so look for the bounce houses! We are expecting 1,500 people and about 500 kids, so we can use all the help we can get!
This event is specifically designed to help homeless Veterans. We will be offering Free Food, Clothing, Health Screening, Haircuts, VA Enrollments, ID's, VA benefits, Food Stamps, Applications, Housing Assistance, etc.
See you at "Tate"!
Paul Gozzo

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day and American Idol

Thank you to all who have served and still serve this great country!
- Paul Gozzo